Hiring a Foundation Contractor

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Hiring a foundation contractor takes a courageous decision.


With over 3,000 foundation repair contractors in the United States and 10% of them in Texas, how do you decide which method or contractor has the right answer to your home's problems?  The following is a short list of Always & Never when interviewing and hiring a contractor:


  • Always obtain two or more bids.
  • Always check with your local Better Business Bureau.
  • Always check the contractor's credentials along with the customer and professional references.
  • Always check with the civil court system to verify that the contractor has no pending litigation by homeowners.
  • Always consider video or audio taping the contractor's sales person to ensure you receive what is promised.
  • Always consider hiring a professional engineer should your contractor not offer a truly independent registered professional engineer to sign off on the work completed.


  • Never sign a blank contract.
  • Never sign a contract without reading and understanding all clauses in it.
  • Never submit to trickery or high-pressure tactics to get your signature on a contract.
  • Never pay in full in advance, or cash with obtaining a written receipt.

"Whenever you see successful business, someone once made a courageous decision."

Peter Drucker

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